Jeeves is About Usability, Too

Over Christmas break (my last one of all time) I had a chance to get some good reading done, and I took the chance and ran with it. Awesomely, I also got a ton of work done on my helpful task manager web app, [currently and historically titled] T-minus.  On with the books: they are below, in order of reading.

85-15 the-design-of-everyday-things Forms That Work Designing Web Forms for Usability
Stiff Upper Lip, Jeeves by P.G. Wodehouse The Design of Everyday Things by Donald Norman Forms that Work by Jarrett and Gaffney

Who better to start off with than the grandmaster of English prose, Mister Wodehouse?

Enjoyable, even in the more theoretical sections; a good (and obviously formative) exploration of cognitive science and design.

This was a quick read; short but solid. Most everything was review for me, but for those just starting with web forms, this would be great.

elementsofuserexperience1 book-cover-md designing-web-navigation
The Elements of User Experience by J.J. Garrett Subject to Change by the Adaptive Path Team Designing Web Navigation by James Kalbach

A short book, but helpful providing a mental model of the user experience. (It’s easy to forget that you are not your target market, so your experience is not typical).

“The whole experience is the key” is what this book continually chants. Also tackles some common designers-within-a-company business problems (from someone with reliable experience, at that)

This was mostly review as well; I would probably keep it as a reference book for all the difference options in web navigation. Very solid for novices, though.

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