Past Projects

dC/dT for Mint

Mint lacks an API, but they provide a CSV of transactions; once over this hurdle, a wealth of data is available for visualization. This project helps you isolate and drill down into the blips on your personal finance radar, far easier than Mint’s own Trends graphs. Research stage.

Circlestar for Google+

A proof of concept Chrome extension that simulates an inbox in Google+ using Google’s favorite UI feature, the star. Save individual conversations that would otherwise drown in the stream by starring them for later. Now defunct due to UI changes in Google+.

Plurk Notifier

A quick extension for Chrome that notifies you when there are new Plurks posted.


A task manager like none other. Used feedback and game mechanics to drive motivation for completing menial and dreaded tasks. Oh yes, and collect rupees! Internal release.


Researching and choosing living quarters at University of Evansville was a pain. The simple consolidation of information on UE Housewatch made the housing process easier.

Living Fridge

Don’t forget that casserole you have in the back of the fridge! An app for the Blackberry Playbook, Living Fridge uses find-as-you-type to make adding foods easy, then uses its built-in spoilage database to remind you to eat it before it spoils. Released to the Blackberry App World. enlatlingress

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