How to Rename Google Maps Starred Places

Recently I’ve been looking for a way to rename the Places I have starred in Google Maps, since that feature was yanked from the Blackberry Google Maps app. It turns out your Google Bookmarks page lets you do this; there, you can rename whatever entries you like. This makes my places with stars much more useful — I can change unintuitive titles like “1175 Peachtree” to something like “PHP Meetup.”

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5 Responses to How to Rename Google Maps Starred Places

  1. Ben C. says:

    Thanks! I was looking for something like this for the brand new Google Maps app for the iPhone (21-Dec-2012). Works like a charm. I was hoping for something in app but this will do for now.

  2. Rachelle says:

    Awesome. Thanks!

  3. Eduardo says:

    Thank you so much! It´s 2013 and this information is still useful! 😉

  4. Reelix says:

    10 days to 2014, and this feature still hasn’t been natively implemented. I doubt you thought that your info would still be valid and useful 3 years later :p

  5. Steve-in-central-Fl says:

    This works to ‘delete/remove’ a place, too. Thanks so very much for showing a way that works, unlike Google instructions that don’t work.