Android Apps for Playbook, and Living Fridge

The Playbook has been widely criticized ever since the first models were released. I’ve noticed that many of those criticisms dissolve when you lower the cost of the device to free; the Playbook does all the things I want a tablet to do, and it does them quite well. (I won one through the Blackberry developer app contest.)

Even if the Playbook hasn’t captured the hearts of reviewers, its future holds an element of techy curiosity: RIM says Android apps will run better on the Playbook than they will on Android devices. The Android App Player will act as a virtualization layer, allowing the Playbook to run Android apps; however, Android developers will first have to submit the apps to the Blackberry App World (as they say, he who controls the distribution channel…). The claimed increase in performance seems to be due to handwavium so far, but the App Player has been in testing mode for months, so I guess we’ll just have to trust them.

I’ve dipped my toes into the waters of the App World myself: my brand-new release, Living Fridge, is a simple app to prevent your fridge from being taken over by monstrous moldy creatures. Or it will help you stop wasting food… whichever is more important to you. There’s a bit more about it, as well as screenshots, on the Living Fridge app page.

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